Hey You too can sign up to  earn extra cash with our Affiliate marketing program for promoters. simply refer your artists/clients and we would do the rest, get paid 1,000 once your referal Subscribes to any of our digital music distribution plans.
How This Work?
⦁ First you have to signup to join our affiliate program
⦁ after signup, you can begin to tell people about Musynk
⦁ And when they opt in, you get paid, NGN1000  when they distribute a single which is cost N3,700  and NGN 2,000 when they dstribute an Album or EP cost N8,000.
⦁ When you have sucessfully refered up to 10 Artist/Clients who subscribed to any of our distribution plans you get a referal bonus of N10,000 at the end of the month

Musynk is a leading digital music aggregator, with our 48hrs delivery system you music would be live on over 20 worldwide stores available for streamning and purchase at a distribution cost of  3,700 for single and 8,000 for EP or Album. enjoy worldwide distribution of your music cheaper & faster, get reliable Royalty analysis and a range of promotional tools availabel for every Artist.

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